In other words, the binary entry :).  I simply had to post one on such a date!

The most important things first: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Marking cornerstones of one’s progress throughout this life is one of the unique features of human beings. We assign importance to certain units of time – hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades… They become the guiding marks for measuring the ‘success’ of one’s life, with every individual having their own unique definition of the term. They also serve as an incentive to achieving goals: I want to “……..” by “………” is the deadline-setting trick to force oneself out of the laziness comfort zone into action. At least, in theory… Hence all the New Year’s resolutions.

I have never been a huge fan of the resolutions, but I set a few desirable goals to keep in mind throughout the year. This is what I cam up with for 2011:

1. Keep dancing.  A few months agoI’ve said I quit… I felt a bit cornered in Prague, dance-wise… Getting to a certain level just to have no one to dance with in the end can be a bit frustrating, but eventually the anger subsided and I am still on the move. The solution to preserving sanity is the following: a) while in Prague, improve in something newer to me (like tango) to stay motivated. b) every now and then travel to congresses to get a serious doze of quality dancing and c) all the other times… keep training outside of the currently feeble social-dance party scene in the city.

2. Learn those languages… I keep this on my list every year, and every time there is something that comes into the picture and disturbs my plans to dedicate my efforts to progressing down my language list… Alas, most often that “something” is called “procrastination” (I think I deserve a PhD in that one already). However, I have given a decent start to Italian last semester. If I actually stop spending so much time on doing nothing, I could in a rather short period of time master both Italian and Spanish simply from the materials I have available at home and online. Also, I should probably memorize those Japanese characters after all – then I can continue further that road, too…

3. Driver’s license. Another eternal item on my list for nearly a decade already. Maybe this time? 🙂 I would never have a car in Prague, you see – it is nonsense to own one in this city. Public transportation day and night will take you virtually everywhere in the city and the costs of catching an occasional taxi ride are nothing compared to maintenance, insurance and other costs of owing a vehicle. But it can come handy when I travel to be able to offer and extra pair of hands on the wheel for a long road. Plus it’s simply a valuable skill. The upcoming semester at the university (my last one! sigh :(…) looks like a breather type, so maybe I could finally get to this.

4. Blog. Specifically, keeping it alive. After my original webpage, on which I had spent weeks and weeks worth of effort, had been lost (the host platform went out of business), I was unmotivated to start from scratch. I had also over time changed the concept of what kind of online representation I wish to achieve, but could not find any available platform for it. My unexpected Christmas gift (even though I don’t even celebrate Christmas on December 25th) came in the form of stumbling upon this wp tips blog and finding the ‘magic stick’ that allowed me to achieve what I wanted: linking several blogs together in a manner that would be smooth and give the impression of a single webpage – on a free hosting platform with a user-friendly interface. I was lucky enough to have been in Vienna with enough free time at hand to spend it all on creating a functioning platform for my ‘website’ of a sorts – the result of this effort is what you can currently see. While I doubt I will have the time in the upcoming month or two to significantly extend the blog content (final exams and previewed travels in sight), I hope that I can, in time, make what I wish to make out of this entire project.

5. Staying connected. Keeping in touch with all the amazing people I know and all those close to my heart is both extremely easy and, paradoxically, for that same exact reason almost never done properly. Knowing that I have immediate access to anyone via e-mail, facebook or phone diminishes the urgency of actually writing/calling anyone. In a way, this blog is also one of the tools I intend to use to allow many of my dear friends to know, if they wish to, what is up in my own little universe. At the same time, I also intend to have more ‘mailing days’ when I dedicate an entire evening to writing everyone individually.

6. Staying on the road. Adding new destinations to my list is always a high priority. Now that I will be done with University the second half of 2011 is open for adventures. The only trick is saving up for them all!

7. Enjoying it! What is life if it is wasted completely on dreary existence? Of course, occasional downs are always an integral part of this world – and a necessary one, too – but they should by no means overwhelm or negate the overriding sensation of joy. The joy of being alive, of being able to do and see so many fantastic things, of encountering amazing people, gathering unforgettable experiences, learning new information of all nature… And sharing that joy with everyone around, to help them feel it too.

So this is it for my tentative list of things to attend to in 2011. I have all the time in the world and none whatsoever to accomplish all of it, which simply means the one and only thing: it is all in my own hands. If i continue down the ‘another day’ treatment of my goals, I will simply have the same exact plan for 2012… and 2013…. and 2050… If, on the contrary, I manage to get into the habit of making more things happen than I currently do, I will have most of those check-marked off and will happily progress to even more exciting and challenging tasks ahead.

Wishing you all a wonderful, joyful, productive and fulfilling 2011!!!


About in shade

A cocktail of personality traits hard to digest for some but ultimately soothing for those who can. I observe, enjoy, travel, interact, photograph, dance, contemplate, write and love my way through this life's countless occurrences. This blog is a way to share with the world and its people some of the treasures they give me every day.
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