Jingle blings :)

My flatmate had told me a joke about 3 guys (American, british and u) who have survived a ship wreck but, sadly, managed to have been washed out onto the shores of an island inhabited by cannibals. The cannibals were kinda nice though, so they allowed each of them to have a final wish. The American guy asked for all sorts of entertainment and women and at the sunset the cannibals have mercifully killed him, cooked him, ate him but took the skin off first. They then proceeded to stretch the skin over a pre-made construction and voila – it was a boat.

The British guy was next, so he asked for some great food and music to spend the last day enjoying. Then, naturally, the same fate awaited him. Finally, it was the Portuguese guy’s turn, so as his last wish he asked for nothing else but a fork… Bedazzled, the cannibals have brough him the fork. The Portuguese guy takes it and starts to stab himself all over the place, screaming “You bastards, you can eat me, FINE, but you sure as hell are NOT going to make a BOAT outa me!!!”

Unlike the Portuguese shipwreck survivor, however, I would be most likely turned into a reasonably lasting boat because I sure have a rather tense relationship with needles. This is exactly the reason why today, January 20, 2011 is relatively epic. Today, following a roughly 10-year period of an internal negotiation, I have summoned the guts to voluntarily make a hole in my skin once again.

The first time it happened in 1998 in Singapore, when I had finally had my ears pierced. This was one of the worst and most painful things I ever endured! But I loved the idea of earrings and, as you might know from my extensive intro to self, I have a sizable collection of those.

The second time it took me a bit less of a thinking – roughly 3-4 years – to pierce the nose. Fortunately, one fine day a friend of mine and I both happened to have a rather gloomy mood at once, and we’ve decided to spend our last money on adding some ornament to our faces.

An aside: most of the times people assume or expect someone to make a piercing as a form of a statement, either that of fashion or rebellion, maybe some sort of initiation into ‘a clique’ or what not, or a way of proving one’s worth. Here comes the self-justification of my actions: under no direct threat of being potentially turned into a boat (and even if I was facing one), I would normally never voluntarily expose myself to needles. However, the international environment I observed at my school and around the world equaled exposure to the Indian mothers with the most amazing ornamental nose studs and it felt like something ‘mine’. I even wore a magnet in the nose for a year at school (so everyone decided I already had it pierced back then) just to see if I really like it or not… Now, several years later, it feels like such an integral part of me that I cannot imagine it not being there…

Backtrack to 4.5 hours ago today, and here I am again coming for the third (and last) portion of a sting. Actually, the belly-button piercing idea was born around the same time with the nose, but my mother advised me against it. I must say, 99.99% of the time my mother’s advice is spot-on, timeless wisdom I’d stand by any time. Before last Christmas, though, I have decided that I probably can make a decision like this by myself and face its consequences, if any (my mother, being a doctor, was concerned about a potential infection), so here I am freshly punctured sitting having a tea with a friend :).

This was definitely not done for show (Prague weather and my clothing style really don’t cater to that purpose too effectively), but yet again as a step towards something that had felt like it belonged there for many years before actually getting there. Surprisingly, it was the least painful of all three procedures. I’m also very proud of myself for not  passing out (yaaayyy!!!), so I treated myself to a nice dinner right after :). We’ll now wait and see if the new tuning proves as lasting as the first two. 🙂 One thing for sure though: I’ve definitely ran out of places I wish to bling on my body, so this  is the very first and last piercing related post in my blog, even if I ever end up on a cannibal-inhabited island :).


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A cocktail of personality traits hard to digest for some but ultimately soothing for those who can. I observe, enjoy, travel, interact, photograph, dance, contemplate, write and love my way through this life's countless occurrences. This blog is a way to share with the world and its people some of the treasures they give me every day.
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