Czech Republic president Vaclav Klaus as a Kleptomaniac

To the lovers of “shorter entries” – my original plan included such things, but I had very little time to dedicate to the issue. I guess it’s never too early to start though so here is a new category for my blog: ‘the LOL factor’, where I will post funny videos, pictures and stories either from my own life or, more often, from the vastness of the www, for your amusement. I try to select the best of the best, so enjoy!

The video below has made international news. It features the president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus pocketing the protocol pen while in Chile.

From what I’ve gathered from various sources, it was in theory (customarily) the other guy who was supposed to keep the protocol pen after the signing of the documents. Nevertheless, it is not considered unspeakable to take it for a souvenir. The last time the taking of the pen made the news was when French president Sarcozy liked one. Sarcozy might have started the ‘trend’, but at least he asked before the taking.

What I find most funny is not the ‘theft’ itself, but the fact that Vaclav Klaus made it LOOK like theft. He privatized the pen in a very obvious manner, yet with the absolutely guilty expression of a cat that just stole your dinner from the kitchen table! His sneakiness about it and so-not-poker-face is what made it an international news item :).

Not everyone condemns his actions – some people feel sympathy. A group of initiative students had started a Facebook campaign to collect pens for Mr. President, in case he is experiencing a shortage…

As someone I know pointed out in the comment to the video, “it shows that no matter what you do, there is a thief in all of us”…


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