Eins, zwei, drive!

Yes, I FINALLY made it to the driving school after all those years. Needless to say, it’s much fun :).

The first lesson was on theory, and once again left me feeling like a total idiot :). I love that :). The second lesson was a how-to video (guys it was an actual VCR!!! When was the last time you saw those?!) on basics of driving.

The third lesson was supposed to be, in theory, first among the many simulated drives – stuff done on the computer… Naively expecting this to be the case, I was very surprised when the instructor (awesome guy 🙂 ) told me to get into, like, a real car…

He drove it to some empty street and, well, explained everything on the go… By the end of the hour I got to drive the damned thing around the block – wtf? Haha :D. Well, good news – there were no other cars and no pedestrians around… I’m not terrified of the process at all, but I’d rather have some training in safety of the simulator to just get used to the pedals etc. a bit instead, because right now I have to make sure I do that part right AND not run anyone over (or the car into anything else 😀 ) – that’s too much for my brain to handle at once :D. But oh well, when I texted my mom about this after the lesson, she replied “Cha! Nothing changed in 40 years!” 🙂 🙂 :). That she is behind the wheel without a single accident (that is, driving almost daily) for all this time kinda gives me hope that I’ll manage, too :).

Tomorrow is lesson two, the instructor threatened to go into the streets with traffic. I hope he was just joking, or the next entry will be on pedestrian body count and property damage 😀


About in shade

A cocktail of personality traits hard to digest for some but ultimately soothing for those who can. I observe, enjoy, travel, interact, photograph, dance, contemplate, write and love my way through this life's countless occurrences. This blog is a way to share with the world and its people some of the treasures they give me every day.
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2 Responses to Eins, zwei, drive!

  1. Petr says:

    I hope they treat you like a lady. Not like this guy 🙂

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