Obama lost his bloody mind: indefinite detention is okay!

We hear a lot lately about the ‘police state’ that the USA has turned into… We hear a lot about the ‘military/fascist regime’ the USA is becoming… And we had been warned of the consequences of all this not even back in the summer (see below), but by people like Ben Franklin, to whom the famous phrase ‘Those who give up their liberty for more security deserve neither liberty nor security’ is attributed…

One hoped a few years back that someone with apparently enough brain power to run a rational and inspiring campaign and to appear as much less of a baboon than the unnamed predecessors of his might change the tide… Well, dear president Obama – you are a brainwashed/corporate-controlled, twisted individual with no consciousness. You have failed the hopes of the entire world for a better USA, for a better world leader, and for a better country for your own citizens – AND you managed to sound rational and split-personality in one single speech. I applaud you for showing your true colors prior to the upcoming elections. This isn’t to say that any other candidates are any better – not necessarily. But well, if there was one speech to take you down as a symbol of hope for the better of the USA and the world – you’ve just about made it.



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2 Responses to Obama lost his bloody mind: indefinite detention is okay!

  1. Interesting. Thanks for posting this.

    Another also interesting thing would be – if you have time for this – to try think “from the opposite side’s position”. Ok, Europe might not be the primary target of terrorists but if you imagine you are in USA and you are responsible for taking care of safety and security of the country and its citizens inside the country and travelling and residing world-wide.

    Bring into it the clash of positions, approaches, attitudes, acceptable methods of doing things and what they can achieve – between a system (that at least tries to be taken as) ‘western-type legal democracy’ and islamic fundamentalists. What each of these systems allows those standing for it to do, in what ways are their ‘hands tighed’ or free to take different types of actions, how effectively can they protect themselves against someone holding the other system’s principles and methods to be used. What ways would one be able to protect themselves from threats from the other?
    I think this could be an interesting topic for an article or more …

    • in shade says:

      Well first of all what I think we are all very quickly forgetting (way too quickly, I must say, since the WWII and the fall of communism seem so damn recent, and yet lessons are ignored) that security of a nation actually does NOT rest on turning it into a police state. Weapons play a big role, army, geography, level of self-sustainability, alliances… That’s between states. Within a state it’s other factors. Ben Franklin’s quote in my entry isn’t something new or, on the contrary, outdated. By turning the country into a police state where LAW is SUSPENDED what happens is that BAD GUYS WIN.

      No amount of indefinite jail time will stop EVERY determined terrorist from busting some shit. I mean let’s just put ALL people into jail – JUST IN CASE! This is ABSURD. This is nothing but absurd. It means that the EXACT TOOL that allowed Europe and USA and other areas to actually secure sustainable, lasting peace and prosperity – the RULE OF LAW – is thrown out of the window and anything goes…

      We will NEVER defeat terrorists (and wtf is that “war on terrorism” thing about anyway? Terrorists existed as far back as history can reach – and we only NOW notice they exist? Really? Puhlease…) by succumbing to barbarism. Never. We gave Nazi officials who partook in the holocaust a TRIAL. Why? Because the ONLY way to ensure freedom and human rights for ALL people is to APPLY that to ALL people. That Bin Laden and Gadafi were murdered without trial is a slap in the face of everything that holds peace and prosperity together. They should have been captured and given a trial. Maybe then executed – but ONLY AFTER A TRIAL.

      What America is proposing to do is exactly what any terrorist’s goal is: subverting enemy by the acts of terror the point of submission, impotence and, in an ultimate win, self-destruction. Everything this world has that is good is built on principles of the rule of law – they want to throw it out of the window? Then they give terrorists the ultimate win.

      So no – no protection can be done by preemptive measures taken against an abstract enemy. If the past two wars didn’t actually teach anyone that thus broadly targeted “preemptive strikes” only CREATE problems – then well maybe such fucktards who can’t see that (aka the USA) deserve to fail and suffer… A SUSPECT (mind you, NOT someone PROVEN to be in any way related to the (nowadays already non-existent) Al Qaeda or what have you) is just that – AN ABSTRACT enemy. IMAGINARY enemy. PRESUMED GUILTY under NO EVIDENCE.

      I’m afraid I simply cannot explain in a comment the horror of suspending the rule of law under ANY circumstances! It’s back to WITCH TRIALS essentially: mass hysteria-fueled Nazi/Communist regime, where walls had ears, neighbors and family members and competitors told upon each other and got innocent people sent off to gulags, concentration camps, death… It’s a quick road to destroying everything that the democratic nations (however pseudo they may actually be with regards to ‘democratic’ – as most are oligarchies, USA topping the list – which is yet another problem…) achieved in the past centuries after Westphalia. We can say hello to the Dark Ages and goodbye to ANY security – for there can be no security there where you face indefinite jail time for, say, missing fingers on your hands, or having enough food in your house for more than 7 days ahead… (yeah, THOSE are actually things IN THAT DAMNED BILL that can tick you off as enough of a TERRORISM suspect to get you into a jail for the rest of your life…). Anything goes in a police state.

      There can be NO security when people begin to suspect one another by default, because you never know just who may be jealous of you enough to accuse you of terrorism and get you off the streets and away from your life as you knew it – indefinitely. No trial, no explanation necessary – simple suspicion. This, my friend, is the END of the world. The world as we know it from inside Europe/USA. The world of relatively good record on internal peace, stability, prosperity, comfort and freedoms – any freedoms – that generations before us have laid their lives on the line to ensure for us. To throw it all away by one single law which effectively invalidates one of the greatest documents of all times that served as the inspiration for the rule of law – the American Constitution – is to say “ah, fuck good life, let’s create a global Nazi/Communist state.” This is North Korea – but everywhere. This is 1984 – but in reality instead of fiction. Not necessarily immediately, but soon enough – if not stopped immediately – for you and I to see some lengthy jail time in our lives.

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