Springtime. Regular humans start seasonal clean-up, fall in love, combat post-winter fatigue or get hay fever. In the meantime, I designed a dress while riding on the tram…

It’s a great dress. It is classy and gorgeous at once, has unusual elements and I totally want one! So what’s the big deal, you may ask? The big deal is that I’m just about as much of a designer in any respect as I am of a proverbial rocket scientist.

Fact 1: When it comes to visuals, I don’t have much of a creative vision. I only have creative hindsight. What it means in practice is that I normally have a very hard time coming up with something visual that I haven’t seen before – and it is probably the worst when it comes to clothes and shoes. On the other hand, once I see something – then I can say if it’s great or not. I can also tune it up a bit, but I’d never probably live to the day when I can creatively combine items to create a killer look from scratch. Namely, because

Fact 2: I wear jeans. And something I grab from the closet on top. With enough layers of something else I grab from the closet to keep me warm when necessary (read: almost always). That’s about where it ends. What it means in practice is that I vote for function in my clothes and I don’t give a slightest damn whether the ensemble goes ensemble or whether its parts would rather scatter in opposite directions in protest – if they so could. So my daily ‘style’ can be summarized as checking for a) is it clean? b) can I move in it? and c) does it keep me the temperature I need to be kept in under current weather conditions?

My own mother occasionally tries to trick me into using a bit of make-up during the day – just to make, say, the eyes stand out, and to make me buy and wear something prettier and more “appropriate for your age already, not some teen stuff!”. Score to date: me = 1, mom = 0. Sorry, mom!

I was, actually, a better dresser when I was a teenager – but only because I had to. We often had different work-related dinners and events and I had to ‘represent’ the family, too. If it wasn’t for that, I probably would never learn to walk in killer heels, wear anything but pants, use make up and deal with my hair.

Fact 3: I actually really like nice clothes and style. I enjoy seeing people who are very well-dressed and have a cool style. I just honestly can’t be bothered though :). Which is why I don’t follow fashion/trends either.

Fact 4: My graphic skills haven’t progressed past those of an average 10-year-old. What it means in practice is that I can’t draw – unless it’s a little plan on how to get somewhere. Trying to sketch an idea on paper? Yeah, GOOD LUCK, me!

These are exactly the reasons why I had a rather ‘WTF?!’ reaction to my all of a sudden very clear vision of the dress. I managed not only to work out the details while on the tram, but also sort of ‘draw’ the idea down while I landed at the pizzeria for lunch! I am shocked.

At least it paid off that I decided to carry the notebook – I did because way too often I come up with my native domain of creative while in the worst possible places for recording anything: trams, stores… After one too many times of having to write down the incoming stream of (mostly) poetry on stuff like napkins, tram tickets, phone or my own hand, I finally geared up on paper, a few pens, and a random pencil (thank you, pencil! I’d never sketch the dress in a pen – I hate smudging and erasers don’t work on pens 🙂 ).

I’m not sure what was it about driving the car today that triggered such a traumatic response, but if it goes on at this rate I may have a fashion line by the age of 149 :D. Or earlier, if another system glitch happens to me of the type that did when I was on the plane from Casablanca to Barcelona…

Now, THAT was pure torture! Not the flight – the glitch. On descent to Barcelona, my brain went into one of its weird modes, but instead of giving me something I can work with, you know what it puked out? An entire bloody fashion line. That’s right. Details and all. From trousers to coats to dresses to suits to you name it. Of course, that happened exactly when I neither had anything at all to even attempt to sketch anything on, nor the time to focus on that task without losing all the fast-coming ideas forever again to that bottomless black hole of ‘I forgot’.

So I was sitting there buzzed-up with this first-time-in-a-lifetime experience of such a vivid, colorful video rolling in my mind full of some pretty awesome stuff and absolutely incapable of doing anything productive about it. The ‘buzz’ continued through baggage claims and slowly wore off as my friend and I got anywhere where I could have potentially tried to capture at least the basic outlines of some items I liked the most from my own private fashion show. Thank you, brain. You seriously ARE a major jackass sometimes… (Yes, I am STILL pissed off at you, brain. Next time please consider the consequences of your decisions on people).

That was, until today, my one and only (rather traumatic) case of imagining apparel. Makes me think that maybe there exists such a thing as ‘designer fever’ and one can get occasionally infected by it? It’s difficult to presume that there is an actual inner designer in ME, out of all people, waiting to be unleashed – I write. I take lots of pictures. I dance. Designing though? Puhlease! I’d blame this one on springtime :D.

Oh, and is anyone good at proper fabric-selection and relatively complicated clothes-making, by the way? ‘Cause I DO want that dress!


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A cocktail of personality traits hard to digest for some but ultimately soothing for those who can. I observe, enjoy, travel, interact, photograph, dance, contemplate, write and love my way through this life's countless occurrences. This blog is a way to share with the world and its people some of the treasures they give me every day.
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