A near car-crash, state of zero gravity, a crazy mouse, a bench up the tree and a murdered dog: just another normal Friday.

16.03.2012. Morning.

I’m not sure if it was lack of sleep the night before, lack of coffee in the brain cells, or a simple system failure, but during the morning driving lesson I was supposed to turn right at one of the crossings.. except I think I at first continued to go straight, and then remembered that I should turn – a bit too late :). The wise thing to do would be to keep going straight – but nooooooo, I had to try and make it, at a speed unfit for doing so with my current beginner reaction-time.

The instructor hit the brakes – just in case. Well-done! I’m unsure I wouldn’t wreck the car straight into the mid-road concrete blocks… Then again, were I alone, I’d never bother trying to correct for missing the turn (or simply forgetting to?), I’d just keep going straight and suffer a slight detour – I only gave it a try because, after all, I was told to go right, not ahead… Other than that – I had passed the theory and maintenance tests this Monday and next week on Wednesday will be the moment of truth – the driving test :).

16.03.2012. Afternoon.

After a brunch that ran a bit too long and got us late, my friend and I went to Roudnice nad Labem to pilot a little airplane :D.

My friend went up first, while I took a short rest in the sun. Then it was my turn :).

The pilot was a fun guy. He did a couple of sharp turns and free-falls; on the second zero-gravity ride some car phone charger flew over from behind the seats into my lap - we had an epic laugh at that :D. We flew around the area. Operating the little plane is tricky - you need to stay aware of the horizon and your direction of flight, as even the slightest push/pull or torque sends you elsewhere. Plus there is a decent lag between your action and the plane's reaction to direction change.

The pilot even had some music playing in the headphones! :D. It also turned out that the little hill we flew around is allegedly the exact spot where the father of the Czech nation had began it.

We both saw some castle from up above and Petr suggested we check it out. Except we both forgot the name of that thing and where exactly it was located...

16.03.2012. Early evening.

After a long online search for some castles nearby, one was discovered that also promised a geocaching opportunity.

When we got there, it wasn't the castle we saw from above - in fact, there was no castle and just the hill left from it.

We walked around searching for the hiding spot of the geocach... Obviously, whoever chose the place ignored the "private property" sign 🙂

Each hiding spot has some container with random items and a notebook. You're supposed to write the date and names of who and when found the place. You can also take some item from the jar in exchange for another. We discovered this crazy mouse - it was super cute, but I thought it'd be more practical to keep a picture instead of the item (not like my house isn't already flooded by random items :D) - so here it is :).

After we hid the container, we went to search for another nearby spot and stumbled upon those guys on the way. We watched for a little while how they learned to control the wings - looks like it's pretty sophisticated! I've mentally added this one to my bucket list :).

A lovely spot to watch the sunset! Pretty big bench on the tree - I wish I wasn't wearing a white jacket and had more time to monkey around that tree, but the sun was setting and we still had to find the other container and make it back to the car before total darkness fell.

The phone GPS kept sending us around in circles again, but we found the container, signed in, hid it back and hurried to the car. I managed to earn a significant blister somehow and happened not to have a band-aid with me 😦

16.03.2012. Evening.

I only ate a piece of pizza and an apple pie that day, so I was HUUUUUNGRYYYYY!!!! We dropped by a cool sandwich place at Andel for some soup and sandwiches and I headed home with a firm intention to sleep, because I only caught on about 1 hour of snooze the night before…

16.03.2012. Late evening.

Which, of course, never happened. Unfortunately, my Christmas presents arrived… (They didn’t make it to the country by December, and then I was away, and then Petr was away, so he finally passed on the two books he got me today – lovely to stretch x-mas to March!).

I checked out the first few pages of “A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” at the sandwich place… I shouldn’t have… I was only done with the book by way past midnight and I wish it was thick like an encyclopedia!!! If you haven’t read it – I highly suggest you to! Absolutely loved every page of it!

Of course, not every Friday of my life is so eventful – some Fridays I spend lazying around the house in my fluffy bathrobe :D. But I have to admit having friends who can talk you into something random – like flying (or jumping with a parachute… Or bungee jumping… (I am STILL scared!!!) ) – definitely can make an occasional Friday (or any other day) much more memorable :).


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