New Year’s Eve 2013

I like the start of 2013 so far :). Nothing too crazy, but it sure kicked off on positive vibes :). Here’s a quick 31.12.12-01.01.13 timeline for the curious:

(fast-forward through canceling our intended trip to Erfurt and almost no sleep on the 30th, saying goodbye to 1 set of guests and welcoming 7 others, express clean-up and pack-up for the night to come, a quick get-together with another friend of mine in the city center and the purchase of crispy duck with noodles from the Asian take-away…)

31st, afternoon: Since my house was occupied by a herd of really nice Italians who were in the middle of cooking and what not right around the time when I was in the middle of craving some sleep, I got lucky to be able to ‘surf the couch’ of a good friend of mine. I took all I needed, got there and passed out for a few hours.

31st evening: Right before 9pm, I was timely awoken by my friend (not by my alarm, which didn’t ring for some weird reason) and got on Skype call with mom and dad and our mutual good friend in Moscow. I got to listen to a part of Putin’s speech, watched my parents (in silly hats, no less!!!) hop around after the stroke of midnight and thus sort of celebrated the 2013 by Moscow time :). Then I had to run get ready.

31st, a bit past 9pm: My second attempt at fake eyelashes in life (first one was rather successful – for the show in Lloret del Mar) was supposed to be a quick fix to avoid bothering with mascara (hate using mascara…)… The ‘quick fix’ turned into a half an hour battle. These were a different type of lashes, less flexible (hard to make them follow the eyelid’s shape), and the damned glue would dry before I could even transfer the thing the 30 cm from sink level to eye level! Oh, of course I also forgot the tweezers… Roarrrr… I sorta fixed them on in the end, hoping they’d last at least the first 10-30 minutes of the party :). The remaining face-paint took the 10 minutes remaining until arrival of the taxi.

31st, about 11pm: Got to Dancers’ Club, had some tasty cheese and snacks, danced some Salsa and Zouk. Best thing was that everyone could bring their own drinks and food to the party :). Knowing that I usually get hungry half way through the night, I brought the duck…

31st, 23:50: Weather conditions: absolutely beautifully clear night, moon just past its fullness lighting the starry skies, fresh air.

Everyone got dressed and walked onto the roof terrace to watch the fireworks. Not the official city ones – the ‘whoever wanted to make any’ ones. It’s probably the first time in my life that I watched New Year’s Eve fireworks of any sorts live… Around midnight, we could them all around us – some pretty impressive, and some guys who probably robbed a Vietnamese-run pyrotechnic store of some sorts the night before were launching fireworks from the club’s street somewhere, so we had them explode basically under our noses :D. We launched a few of our own as well and then enjoyed the rest of the ‘show’. The city sounded like it was under gunfire :).

1st, 00:25: Weather conditions: so smoky after the fireworks that you can barely make out the stars and the panoramic flight airplanes circling the city that were perfectly visible half an hour ago.

We slowly start to freeze and return indoors.

1st, around 1am: Kicking off the hilarious competition of Street dancers vs. Zouk dancers, for some reason for one bottle of alcohol prize… In the end, it was a tie, so the drinking members of both teams had to somehow share 1 bottle between like 12 or so people :). The eyelashes were still attached, although the right one’s outer corner gave up… That’s about one hour better than I expected!

1st, around 2am: Time to make it to where I originally planned to be going tonight… I sent the duck flying back to my friend’s place (together with the friend, of course, who was also leaving but directly to the casa instead of any other party) – for some reason I wasn’t hungry at all (must be the cheese and other snacks I collected from around the place 🙂 ).

Some of the friends were taking a taxi to the city center, I hopped in with them. Took the taxi 30 minutes to arrive to us, but at least it was normal, cheap price – not the shark price we’d get if we caught one on the street.

1st, around 2:40am: Got to Bombay Bar. It was full, so they were only letting people in as others were walking out. Big group of french guys outside was ahead of me, but I was in after only about 10 minutes. First person I saw there was an old friend of mine I haven’t seen in ages – nice welcome :).

Had the greatest time at Bombay. Don’t know why, but it’s always a fun, positive, cool place for New Year’s, lovely atmosphere and people… If I’m ever in Prague again for the symbolic stroke of midnight, I’ll just go there directly for the night :).

People were dancing, fooling around, I had some huuuuuge (probably like 5 of me in diameter, but taller) Turkish guy lift me up in the air a few times. Better yet, at different times he lifted my friend up, too… And both of us… I guess just because he could… Good times :).

1st, some time around 4am: I started finding money on the floor. First I collected 70Kc in 10Kc coins… Then my friend found a 5 Euro note… A bit later I found a 10 Euro note… Basically, I got a full refund on the entrance fee :D. If this goes on like that for the rest of the year – I’ll be minted! 🙂

1st, hell knows when: Left Bombay to check out the club next door (former Fragola, forgot what it’s called now). Not many people there, but awesome music, so danced around a bit. Lashes still attached – I’m impressed!

1st, 7am!!!: I thought it was maybe 5 at best, but my friend said “are you aware that it’s 7am already?” WOOoooOOoOT! That’s what I call a good night out – when you have no idea what time it is and feel like you can keep going still, then it turns out you’re hours off your guesstimate :). No wonder I was getting sleepy! Left the club, walked to my other friend’s place.

1st, 7:50am: After another small battle with the surprisingly durable, given how badly they were attached to begin with, fake lashes (this time, trying to take them off…), final crash-landing on the couch…

1st, a bit before 5pm: Finally woke up (sort of). Had a very pleasant rendez-vous with a cup of coffee and last year’s duck. Got ready, packed up my stuff and made it to the street near the National Theater minutes before the official city firework display at 18:00. Lovely stuff, choreographed to music and all… It then took me roughly 20 minutes to cross the bridge (because of the sea of people) and less than that to walk all the way home :). Happy to see that my apartment is still there and Italian invasion is, thus far, seemingly peaceful :).

1st, 8pm-ish: a couple of friends popped in for a tea and a chat :). My wish to ‘have a relaxing 2013’ is already working: I might be going somewhere on January 4th for a few days…

1st, 23:16: Finishing this blog entry… Can’t wait to get into the shower but still have to wait a bit for the water to heat up…

So here is to the New Year, year of the Snake:

Dear 2013, a very warm welcome to you! I think I like you so far, and we hit it off pretty well right away. Wanna be friends for the remaining 12 months? Maybe you liked my shiny outfit that I greeted you in, or you’re simply aware of the fact that I like snakes, but you’re already being very nice to me. I appreciate it! :). Keep it up! I hope we can carry on along those lines all the way. Good to have you here, 2013 – let’s rock and roll!!!

How did your New Year’s go – anything fun? Unusual? Exciting? Share the story below! 🙂


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