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7 Free Education Websites You Don’t Want to Miss – Goodnet

Great news for all the knowledge-savvy people out there: some good quality stuff IS out there for FREE! Take advantage! 1. COURSERA WHAT Coursera strives to make education accessible to anyone. HOW Free courses online from world-class universities, including Princeton University and the … Continue reading

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Happy 2012 – be vulnerable!!!

Greetings to everyone from the first day of 2012! I was wondering what type of a message to release into the world at the new symbolic beginning cornerstone and the message actually fell into my hands all by itself. Thus, … Continue reading

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The future is now

I just ran across this talk and it is amazing, inspiring and humbling to follow the line of thought of people like this. The technology presented in this talk will blow your mind – enjoy 🙂 Part 1 Part 2 … Continue reading

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Captchas are awesome!

Ever had to ‘waste’ your time typing in those computer-generated words called ‘captchas’? Little did you know, you were contributing by your efforts to the spread of human knowledge!!! Another project by that same guy explains how you can learn … Continue reading

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I’m a loving human being… unless YOU are gay

(disclaimer: this is NOT a religion-bashing post, this is a post on human differences, obedience to authority and its consequences, irrespective of anything related to religion) I’ve come across Dan Pearce’s blog entry titled “I’m Christian… Unless You’re Gay” a … Continue reading

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Declaration of the war on global terrorism

One more rapture safely behind us, I decided on this memorable (yet another) first day after the (yet another) end of the world to declare a war… While I may not be a world government or any similar legally fictitious entity, I … Continue reading

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