Lost in Time…

One fine Wednesday I was on the way to the class. I hurried to it, went to pick up the front door key at the reception, and only as the receptionist wrote down the time of key pick-up did I register that something was off: current time was 16:30. My class was at 18:00 and up until that moment I was convinced it was 17:30 instead :).

I decided to use the hour I suddenly had on getting a tea somewhere nearby and remembered I passed the newly opened Time Cafe just a block away.

Time Cafe has a concept discovered to have worked very well, totally unlike any other venue. It is primarily a social space where you can come and enjoy any drinks and snacks, as well as participate in any activities you may see fit – from reading to playing video games to card and board games to watching movies – in any of the 4 cozy conceptualized rooms. For free… Well, sort of: you pay for the time that you spend in the cafe at the rate of 1Kc per minute, but not for any of the beverages you consume or anything else you use.

It’s a wonderful, warm venue with a pleasant smell in the air and well worth stopping by! I thoroughly enjoyed my unplanned for cup of tea before taking off to the lesson and the company of lovely individuals who work there and make you feel immediately right at home :). If you ever end up being in the area, it’s well worth a visit and getting lost in time at :).


About in shade

A cocktail of personality traits hard to digest for some but ultimately soothing for those who can. I observe, enjoy, travel, interact, photograph, dance, contemplate, write and love my way through this life's countless occurrences. This blog is a way to share with the world and its people some of the treasures they give me every day.
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