Welcome in shade!

Greetings and welcome in shade!

You may be wondering what sort of a dusky deal you are about to get a glimpse of in this blog… That, however, will completely depend on you, dear reader! To start with, you are welcome to take a look at the daily blog part of the in shade world.

The underlying philosophy behind the entire blog is that our life consists primarily of the grey-scale shades rather than the spectrum extremes, and every individual may find themselves anywhere on that continuum at different points of life. That ‘grey region’ is, actually, a vivacious, colorful palette full of experiences, tastes, sounds, sensations and thoughts that existence is comprised of. Each of us inevitably ends up playing with different shades on this palette, creating up until the last day and sometimes beyond a unique colorful mosaic representing the life lived.

In the course of splashing colors all over my own canvass, I have decided to share somehow at least parts of my own mosaic with others. You are welcome to choose from it whatever best suits your current mood or need and thus create for yourself your own experience.

On the menu for selection are the following items:

Travel stories: Traveling is an addiction of mine (along with obsessive-compulsive reading, excessive love of debates and various sorts of physical activities). It is so integral to my existence it must be genetic. The itchy-feet syndrome means I cut on all my spending – food, clothes, gadgets – just to be able to venture somewhere yet again every so often. What is even worse, it often goes hand-in-hand with the other massive obsession of mine – dancing. As a result of this incurable condition, and I am 40 down the list of the existing states in the world, and my goal is to visit every one of them. There is a universe of its own around there and within oneself that can be discovered on the road, especially when one packs an open mind and a friendly heart. I will be posting here different stories from around the globe.

Photography : Something i know very little about and enjoy doing too much of. Somehow some of the thousands of pictures I take worldwide end up pretty to look at; other times the stories told by the pictures are most essential. In either case, I will be mixing pictures into the travel-story-telling salad of mine to spice up the entries by something more tangible than simple words and to, maybe (hopefully?), induce at least one person to re-consider never leaving their town and set off on the road.

Poetry: As apprehensive as I may feel about the potential copyright infringements, I guess I have enough proof at hand to win any potential battles, so I will be posting some of my poetry online, for the joy (or, rather, more often) the disturbing sorrow of the readers.

Contemplating: Having become notorious amongst my friends for (according to them) endorsing the darker side of the thinking twinkled with just enough hope-inspiring seasoning, I have been continuously asked to share results of my pondering over, well, stuff… Fine then (this one goes out specifically to my dear friends), just don’t say you haven’t been warned! You’ve asked for it – endorse what is coming for you! I also will share thought-provoking material through this blog – documentaries, websites of interest, videos, articles, podcasts…

Messages to the world: Belonging to the contemplating circle, but at the same time consisting of a separate form of writing, these are specific perks of mine – every year somewhere around its calendar end, or occasionally at the end of my own calendar year of being here on Earth, I sit down and, under the influence of whatever the momentary inspiration ends up being like (usually, nothing too festive), stream-write a massive e-mail to my dear friends. Consisting partially of the short up-dates on everything that has been going on up to date and partially of the thoughts of the moment I wish to share, these have gotten a life of their own over the years. So yet again upon constant demands from the masochistic recipients I edit them post-facto to be suitable for the general audience and voila – a collection of the messages to the world is born! Read at your own risk.

Dance: “Dancer” is a diagnosis. The monster creeps into your life slowly at first, its critical-mass point, or the point of no return to the normal life, advances cautiously and it is usually too late that you realize it has already hit you… After that, your life is doomed to be determined by the music, the people, the movement and the high you get from all of the above. If when you look at clothing items at the store the first criteria for assessment for you becomes “I wonder if I could dance in this…” and a new pair of dancing shoes supersedes in the resulting amount of joy anything by Jimmy Choo; if you sacrifice your sleep on the altar of staying yet another (insert time range) at the party, even at the threat of additional bruises and your feet’s next-day revenge on you – you suffer from the dancer syndrome. Welcome to the club.

Little nothings: Ah, the sweet little notorious nothings that all everythings are made of! From little life episodes, to momentary thoughts – this is the place for shorter entries on all other topics.

Once again, welcome in shade and feel free to look, read and comment on anything at any time!

This blog is a work-in-progress at this point of time. Hopefully, in 2011 I will get to making it actually be what I wish it to be. So far, just a few teasers will be posted, but more is sure to come!

© Disclaimer: All content of this blog, unless otherwise cited, is the original work of the blog’s single author and is protected by a legally established COPYRIGHT. Any form of reproduction of the content for commercial purposes, as well as any un-credited citation, will be regarded as copyright infringement punishable by law!

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